Unite West

Hey Parents!

SDSU Recreation Waiver

Please print, sign, and fill out this waiver for all minor students: PDF

Please print, sign, and fill out this waiver for all Adults: includes our leaders and our 18 year old Student: PDF

Bring the completed form with you on Sunday Night and give it to Ezra or Cyndi Engle. It is required by SDSU. Thanks!

Packing List

Packing List and Welcome Party details are available now: View PDF

Sunday Night Sleepover

Girls will be invited to stay at Cyndi Engle’s house on Sunday night, and the guys will be invited to stay at Ezra Engle’s house on Sunday night. 2 vehicles driven by Cyndi and Ezra Engle will be getting on the road shortly after 4:00AM on Monday morning, hoping not to be overwhelmed too much by LA traffic, but ready to enjoy the road trip and watch the sun rise together on the way. Please be at the house by 5PM, so we can have dinner, and leaders can get some rest. We want to load up most of our stuff in the car and be ready to leave at or before 4AM the next morning. Text Cyndi or Ezra with any questions you may have.

Medical Release Form

If your child is going to Unite West and Ezra and Cyndi know about it, you will need to complete and sign this Emergency Medical Release Form. This is for all parents of students and children attending the event as well as the adult leaders coming. If you have any questions or need help understanding anything about this, text or call Ezra or Cyndi Engle or you can send him a message by replying to any remind messages you have received.

One more thing! As a courtesy, just so Ezra knows who to not remind again about this, Please email or send Ezra a text to know once you have completed the form successfully, for his peace of mind. You will need to fill out a seperate form for each individual attending, so if you have multipe children attending, that means multiple signatures.

Registered People

These are the first names and last initials of all 9 people who are registered to go at this point:

  1. Cyndi E ✅
  2. Luna E ✅
  3. Zion E ✅
  4. Eden E ✅
  5. Isella W ✅
  6. Ezra E ✅
  7. Ezra W ✅
  8. Oliver W ✅
  9. Bryan S ✅

I will place a check mark after each name when I receive confirmation that each release form has been received. -Thanks! -Ezra Engle