Youth Camp!

If you have attended NorCal Youth Camp in the past, you should know that NorCal Youth Camp is meeting in a new location this year and the date is a little later (by just 5 days) when comparing it to last year’s camp.

Location: Hartland Christian Camp

57611 Eshom Valley Dr, Badger, CA 93603

Dates: Friday, June 21st – Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

Check In: 2:00 PM on Friday, June 21st

Check Out: 11:00 AM on Tuesday, June 25th

Registration is now open for NorCal Youth Camp 2024.

Here’s the registration link:

It’s the same registration page for students and for counselors, they will just make a different selection at the first step.

This camp is designed for students entering grades 6-12th grade in the fall, and 2024 Graduates can participate as well. Not all 6th graders are ready to sleep in a cabin a four and a half hour drive away from their home for 4 nights, but some are. Here are a few photos* from camp in 2023

The total early registration cost is $500 for students and $460 for counselors. Between March 7th and May 21st. This price includes $50 for travel expenses which will be managed by Ezra Engle, Youth Leader and Treasurer of Edgewater Church, to reimburse drivers for their fuel receipts and related travel expenses.

*student price before May 22nd, 2024

Early bird pricing will end on May 22nd

On May 22nd the total cost will be $550 for students and $510 for counselors. This includes $50 for travel expenses which will be managed by Ezra Engle, one of the Youth Leaders and the Treasurer of Edgewater Church, to reimburse drivers for their fuel and related travel expenses.

Registration will close on June 6th, but it could close earlier than that if we run out of space, however it isn’t likely because this camp has more than double the capacity of last year’s facility. But it certainly could happen.

There will be one extra waiver coming from Hartland Campground which hasn’t been created yet for 2024 that everyone coming will need to sign. I’ll add a link to it here when I have a copy for you to download.

Registration is all integrated into one form. As a parent, you can register more than one child in a session. I registered 3 of mine, and 4 counselors in my session, but I lost some work the first time I tried to fill it out because the page refreshed when I was looking up everyone’s medical card numbers and cell phone numbers, asking what size shirts people wanted, etc for so long. So my tip for you is to get some of this info ready beforehand, especially if you have multiple children to register.

Some info I recommend to have ready is:

Insurance & plan number

Allergies (including food)

Medical Conditions/Medications

Height & weight (for medical info)

Tee Shirt Size

Student’s Phone

Student’s Email

Desired cabin mates: 1 & 2

A $100 deposit is due upon registration. If you need help or need more time to afford the price of camp, reach out to Ezra Engle via Remind or send him a text letting him know what you can afford and he will send you a code to use at checkout to waive the deposit requirement during registration. We would rather get everyone registered as early as possible than to have delays that cause us to lose the early pricing if you know your child can (and wants to) go to youth camp this year. So far, every student who has wanted to go and has participated in all available fund raisers has had full or partial scholarships available to them as needed.

Lastly, if you are a youth leader/volunteer/pastor and want to have your group and adult leaders join us at this camp, reach out to Ezra Engle ASAP to get your church group included on the roster.

*If you wanted to peruse all 615 of the published photos from NorCal Youth Camp 2023, they can be accessed directly from this link.