04/26/2022 Youth Group

Hang Out


• Register for Camp!

• Let us know if you need financial assistance to get to camp

• Karyn is sick

Game: 4 on the Couch

Talk: by Cyndi

• John 3:17

• We are condemned as slaves without Jesus

• When we don’t have Jesus, we might think we are free, but we are slaves to whatever we desire at the time

• We can freely choose to be a servant of Jesus for life, and experience a different freedom that involves living through God’s will for us

Worship Song by Cyndi

• Jesus is Coming/Christ is Risen

Prayer by Cyndi


1. Cyndi

2. Ezra E

3. Ezra W

4. Ollie

5. Isella

6. Zion

7. Noah

8. Eden

9. Tessa

10. Zelia

11. Chris

12. Nathan

13. Levi

14. Piper

15. Carrie