09/15/2020 Cuyler’s Talk: Attention Economy

Who has heard the term “attention economy”?

What do you find better or worse about distance learning?

You were born into a world that struggles with information processing, bombarded with more than you can handle, this problem even predates computers and the internet.

When you choose to focus on something, you ignore other sources of information by necessity.

If you give God your attention, He will give you His undivided attention, because he can. We just need to turn our attention to Him.

Psalm 22 starts with “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” and Jesus cried it out while He was dying on the cross, which according to Jewish tradition, was shorthand for the rest of the chapter to be read, because the Bible was not split and numbered into separate verses like we currently have it organized.

Jesus referencing this chapter was a witness to others about his divinity and the situation He was in, if you understand the context of this reference.

Cuyler speaks about the attention economy, and how it also applies to our attention to God