2022/02/08 Youth Group

Hang Out:

⁃ 7:00-7:15 PM


⁃ 7:15-7:20 PM

⁃ Dressy Tuesday (tonight!)

⁃ Bowling & Laser Tag (2/18!)

⁃ Fund Raiser in March (3/5)

Game: Pinkies Up

⁃ 7:20-7:28 PM Set up & explain

⁃ 7:28-7:45 PM Tea Time!


⁃ 7:45-7:56 PM

Prayer: Cyndi

⁃ 7:57-7:58 PM

Ezra’s Talk: Ready

⁃ 7:59-8:10 PM

What are you dressed up for?

What sort of event is each of your outfits most appropriate to wear to?

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him. It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them. It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak.” -Luke 12:35-38 (NIV)

Prayer: Karyn

⁃ 8:11-8:12 PM

Group Photo: Karyn

⁃ 8:13-8:23 PM

Clean Up: All

⁃ 8:24-8:30 PM

⁃ Wash tea cups and saucers and put them on the drying rack

⁃ Put away tables and chairs


1. Ezra E

2. Karyn

3. Cyndi

4. Noah

5. Ezra W

6. Zion

7. Eden

8. Leah

9. Chris

10. Ollie

11. Piper

12. Carrie

13. Levi

14. Tessa

15. Sam

16. Eliza

17. Angela

18. Owen (1️⃣st week!)

19. Isella

20. Zelia (2️⃣nd week!)