20220726 Youth Group

1. BTN night (sign up by Thursday!)

Rearrange Chairs into a circle

Notebooks: 5 minutes

Ezra’s Talk: Simon the Sorcerer

Read Acts 8:9-24
Simon was known as an amazing sorcerer in his town (v9-11)

Simon heard the good news from Peter and John, then believed and was baptized (v13)

Why was it sinful for Simon to offer money (v18-19) to receive a spiritual gift?

It seems to be important for one’s heart to be right before God to share in the ministry, (v21) Why do you think this is important? What could happen if someone was in ministry with sinful motives?

Can our sinful heart and motives be changed? How? (V22)

1. Pastor Karyn’s Role Change

1. Cyndi
2. Karyn
3. Ezra E
4. Noah
5. Zion
6. Eden
7. Bryan
8. Eliza
9. Camden
10. Piper
11. Zelia
12. Araina P
13. Levi
14. Chris
15. Ian
16. Jonathan
17. Tessa
18. Nathan
19. Charlie
20. Carrie