20230124 Youth Group

* Workout group Mondays

Game: Whacky Stick

Notebooks: 5 minutes

Ezra’s Talk: The Word

Do you see the value of the Bible for your life?

Can you see value for others?


Video: What is the Bible? (5:47)

Let’s pray for us to have a hunger for God’s word more than our next meal, and for our life to thrive and grow when we take it in.

“I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.”
-Job 23:12 (NIV)

Prayer: Cyndi

1. Cyndi
2. Ezra E
3. Noah
4. Zion
5. Eden
6. Zelia
7. Ian
8. Tessa
9. Ezra W
10. Ollie
11. Isella
12. Camden
13. Keith
14. Carrie
15. Angela H
16. Sam
17. Araina P
18. Siena C
19. Angie C
20. Chris
21. Levi
22. Nathan
23. Eliza
24. Piper