20230815 Youth Group

Welcome & Hang Out

* Cyndi plans to be back next Tuesday
* Possible Fundraiser September 2nd
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Game: rock paper scissors tournament

Ezra’s Talk: Weary & Burdened

Why do you get exhausted or tired, or lose your will to continue?

We like the idea of rest, but also want to maximize our opportunities, so we constantly choose not to rest.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

How do you think God wants to give us rest?

How do you think God might want you to think differently about your challenges?

Rest isn’t just idleness or inactivity, it is a break from work to get some perspective and reset. Our best efforts follow a period of rest.

Some of us have been modeled an unhealthy “I don’t do breaks” work ethic, or have rejected that with an unhealthy “I don’t try at all” mentality. Pay attention to when you think the best, when you perform the best, and when you are emotionally the most resilient. God calls us to work towards a goal, and not to be idle. His work is easy, His burden is light. Let’s pray together to discern God’s will for a change in our own perspective and plan for us.

Prayer: Josiah

1. Ezra E (Leader)
2. Josiah E (Volunteer)
3. Elena P (Volunteer)
4. Zion E
5. Eden E
6. Angie S
7. Andre R
8. Isella W
9. Nathan L
10. Ezra W
11. Ollie W
12. Angela H
13. Eliza M
14. Camden T
15. Zeke M
16. Levi L