20240220 Youth Group

Hang Out


  • Fund Raisers
  • Youth Takeover Friday (Genesis Church)
  • Spuds at Cyndi’s House ($3)
    • 03/02@6-8:30PM

Game: Ga-Ga Ball

  • Purple vs Orange Team


Ezra’s Discussion:

Read John 2:13-22

Jesus cleared the temple courts because they were selling and buying things and treating it as a common marketplace, rather than a holy place.

Where is a holy place (or God’s temple) today?

How do we treat that place?

How should we treat that place?

Cyndi’s Prayer

Weird Sea Creatures Activity


  1. Cyndi
  2. EzraE
  3. Zion
  4. Eden
  5. Angelina
  6. Tessa
  7. Jiemea
  8. Camden
  9. Ollie
  10. Andre
  11. EzraW
  12. Isella
  13. Zelia
  14. Colby