Cyndi’s Talk (Loneliness)


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Despite all of these wonderful people, I was very, very lonely as a teen. If I can ask you guys to be real, how many of you are lonely?

God made us to need a couple of things. No matter who you are.

The first is a relationship with Him. Ecc 3:11 says that God put eternity in our hearts. What do you think that means? I think that means that we all kinda know that there’s more than just making it as far as you can and dying and that’s it. I also think it means that there’s a God-Shaped (or Jesus shaped) hole that no matter how much you try to fill it with people or money or stuff or even our own good deeds, it can only be filled with something or Someone eternal. Namely, Jesus.

God also made us for relationships with each other. And I mean real ones were you really know each other and love each other anyways. The first human that ever existed God said it’s not good for them to be alone. He had a relationship with God, but God wanted us to be more than just alone. The bible says THE greatest commandment is to love God, then to love others.

How many of you feel like no one really knows you or understands you?

1st: Try to find out how much God loves you, and really think about that. Knowing you are loved no matter what is a powerful thing.

2nd: the best cure for loneliness I’ve found is go find someone else who needs something and be that friend for them. For instance, I’m sure that everyone in here needs a friend, and needs to know that someone has their back. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, because humans WILL let you down, and humans are soooo awkward, but it’s worth it. It’s also a process. Loneliness doesn’t go away overnight, but it’s worth the fight