Ezra’s Testimony (Part Two)


Opening Payer by Karyn

…I realized over time with this bible reading habit, although not daily, that God has a lot to share that many people overlook. Subsequent years of challenges introduced at Youth Camp helped me to see that there were really cool people that had inspiring God-given gifts that I could look up to. I connected with friends at school and went to some of their youth groups too. I had mostly positive experiences and a few that were slightly negative.

After I graduated from high school, I was not really involved with any ministry, aside from helping one week a year at youth camp for two years. I did not know where I specifically belonged in the church. I hung out with friends that were my age, and did a Bible study with them. I worked as an artist at the mall and began a friendship with Karyn. I asked her to be my girlfriend after a while. Then, when I was 21 years old, Karyn and I got married. (She was 19)

Later, I missed going to camp each year, and volunteered again to be a camp counselor. I had a great time at camp as I usually did, but I also connected really well with all of the guys in my cabin that were part of my own church’s youth group in Oakley….

Closing Prayer by Cyndi