07/28/20 Cyndi’s Youth Discussion

There are a lot of verses on listening. “Hear O Isreal” (deut 6:4) and “Come, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18) and “Those who have ears to hear, let him hear” (matt 11:15) and “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry”. James 1:19

There’s this thing called the Dunning-Kruger effect where basically your confidence is super high in a subject if you know very little, then you get to a point where you learn how little you know, and then your confidence is never quite as high as your competency.

I would like to keep learning, and this morning I was thinking about how little I really know. I believe learning and relationship both require listening, so I have some questions for you guys. I want to first learn about you, and them from you.

(activity where you go to different sides of the line if something applies to you)

Do you feel like you are listened to enough?

Do you have strong opinions?

Do you have some subjects where you aren’t sure how to feel about it?

Do you feel like you can talk to your parents about dating?

Do you feel like you can talk to your parents about politics or current events?

Do you feel like you can talk to youth leaders about this?

Do you feel like other peoples expectations of you are unrealistically high?

Are your expectations of yourself realistic?

Do you feel like you are allowed to give constructive criticism to people in authority over you?

Do you feel like you can tell us if we are doing something wrong or that you don’t like?

Now I have some questions from your side of things. There’s a thing we call Pastor’s Kid syndrome. It’s where it seems like the more your parent is a leader in places besides the home, the more angsty and wild the kid tends to turn out. This isn’t all PK’s, but it can also apply to people who aren’t necessarily pastors kids. Being that I’m a youth pastor and I plan on having kids someday, I need to know how to not be awful to my kids. The bible talks about honoring your father and mother, which I’ll be honest, I struggle with. I’m still wrestling with that. But it also tells parents not to exasperate my kids, and that is something I can work on even now I think.

What is the biggest thing that keeps you from talking to your parents about stuff?

What is your biggest frustration with them or people in authority?

What is the single biggest piece of advice you can give to me as a youth pastor/potential parent?

Do you have any constructive criticisms for Cuyler or I?

It’s really okay if you do.What do you think might be the cause of PK syndrome?

Is there a piece of advice or an opinion you want to give us that has nothing to do with all of this?

Thank you guys!

Prayer, and closing.

Outdoor Meeting with teens farther apart than they have ever been before.