2021/01/12 Zoom Youth Group

Cyndi’s Talk:
Rough Weekend, much sleep deprivation. God doesn’t need you to be God. God is faithful, He will finish the work He started, so trust Him. Be patient. We need to rely on God through the process of His changing us and working on us. You can’t disappoint or surprise God, because He knows everything you are gonna do. Be comforted to know that God can use you because He can use anyone.

Josiah’s Prayer:
We can be saved and God loves us, have a great night, Amen

Hillside remodel work is still in progress, chairs are delayed by COVID.

Drawful 2

1. Karyn
2. Cyndi
3. Ezra
4. Zion
5. Noah
6. Tyler
7. Josiah
8. Camden