30 Hour Famine

Sunday, 3/10/2019 was the deadline to turn in the permission slip for this event (and still get a tee shirt), here is the 4 page PDF you could have printed and filled out to give to Ezra, to be allowed to participate from 4:30PM Friday 3/15-3/16 through Saturday 7:30PM.

Dyane Randle and Ezra Engle represented Wired youth group leaders for the entire event, and Cyndi Engle came each day to help lead worship. This event was hosted by Antioch Church in the Rock and Jenny, Kevin, and Tammy Wineart and other adult leaders were there. This event started at 1:00PM with a fast from Friday March 15th after lunch and ended with communion on Saturday March 16th at 7:00PM followed by dinner. There were service opportunities and activities to enhance awareness of world hunger and what participants can do to help.

Teen Participants from Wired Youth Group:

  1. Evelyn D. https://www.30hourfamine.org/participant/43788
  2. Naomi B. https://www.30hourfamine.org/participant/43790
  3. Zion E. https://www.30hourfamine.org/participant/43791