Money: We are Trustees (Week 2)

Money: We are Trustees

Last week we talked about why money matters. How we deal with money can reveal who we are. Our goal is to view money how God views money.

What is a trustee?
(a person or organization that has been given responsibility for managing someone else’s property or money)

A trustee is expected to keep the owner’s best interest in mind. They have responsibility over what is not theirs.
If someone believes that God is real and believes that Christ died so they could live forever- how much of their life belongs to God once they accept that belief?

If all of who we are belongs to God, that includes money. If you act as a trustee- that means that every choice you make should be to the benefit of God. One of the many awesome things about God is that when we are choosing to act in His best interest, we are also acting in our best interest. He desires our success in all areas of life. In order to know what that looks like, we have to know Him. What the world defines as successful may be temporary. God wants eternal success for us.

Lets look at some verses in the Bible about money.

Biblical Principles Worksheet
Look up these Bible references. Then draw a line between the Bible reference and the corresponding financial principle or teaching.

1. Work hard a. Luke 12:15
2. Be honest b. 1 Timothy 6:18-19
3. Give back c. Colossians 3:23-24
4. Save d. Proverbs 22:7
5. Be content e. Hebrews 13:5
6. Pay your taxes f. Luke 20:25
7. Understand debt g. Psalm 15:1-2
8. Simplify h. Proverbs 21:20

What do you think God wants you to do with what He’s has put you in charge of? (this can be money, responsibilities, school work, belongings…)

What would God want me to do with God’s money? (as opposed to what should I do with my money)

What are some ways people can give to God? (church tithe, offering, time, helping the poor, helping others, through organizations…)

What do you think are some reasons people might have for not giving (whether you agree or not)? (write on white board or big paper)

When it comes to trusting God and acknowledging Him as provider do you make excuses for not giving or rejoice in all the reasons you have to give to God?

(answers to worksheet: 1. C Work hard (Colossians 3:23-24) 2. G Be honest (Psalm 15:1-2) 3. B Give back (1 Timothy 6:18-19) 4. H Save (Proverbs 21:20) 5. E Be content (Hebrews 13:5) 6. F Pay your taxes (Luke 20:25) 7. D Understand debt (Proverbs 22:7) 8. A Simplify (Luke 12:15)

Referenced material: